20 March 2010

OmanTwestival - spirit of global community

On the 25th March 2010, when over 200 cities around the world join hands to celebrate Twestival (Twitter Community Festival) OmanTwestival is to be held here in Muscat http://muscat.twestival.com/
When - 25th March 2010 Thu (5pm - 8pm) Report at the Port Qaboos by 4.30 pm Sharp - Gates closed by 5.30 pm - Ferry Sails by 6 pm Sharp
Where - On board of 'Hormuz' ferry - World's fastest catamaran
What to bring - Mobile phone, laptop, Camera (free WiFi provided on board)
Sponsors - National Ferries Company & OmanAir & Omantel

Location Map: Port Qaboos at Corniche

What's in for OmanTwestival 2010?

In flat 5 days, Muscat is preparing to host this event. Lots of surprises await twitter users attending #OmanTwestival, including entertainment & gifts at perhaps the only Twestival Venue on sea.
  • Charity Round - Open Your Heart & Open your Wallet for Charity - Collection
  • SNK Boys Break Dance
  • Fun competition
  • Traditional 'Oud' Music
  • Oud & Guitar Medley
  • 2 Short Films made by Omani nationals - submitted at Gulf Intl. Film Festival
What is a Twestival?

Twestival - a community gathering of the members of the twitter community (http://www.twestival.com/) – an event held on the same day of the year across several cities of the world synchronised in the real world.

Quote : "Organizing online and gathering offline allows Twestival to harness the incredible communication power of Twitter to propel participation in real events around the world."
-Amanda Rose, Founder of Twestival

What is the purpose of Twestival 2010?Twestival 2010 supports the cause 'Education' through ‘Concern Worldwide’ a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization that reaches to out-of-school children such as girls, orphans, street children, working children, children affected by con´Čéict, children affected by HIV and AIDS, and children with disabilities. Concern’s education programs currently reach over 700,000 people in 25 countries across the regions of Africa, Asia, & the caribbean.

Who supports the Twestival?

Among numourous volunteers and several corporates supporting Twestival, PayPal the official global sponsor for Twestival has waived processing fees for ‘Concern Worldwide’ for the duration of Twestival. Twestival extends its online reach with TwestivalFM, where high-profile artists and musicians around the world donate their songs to download for donations. eBay supports Twestival, by hosting ‘Auction140’, a global online auction of celebrity-donated items and celebrities including Paris Hilton, Queen Rania of Jordan are supporting. An iPhone application for live donations and results widgets will enable real-time donations at local events. Twestival also has partnered with Ustream to live stream the day’s events, starting in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

Rithu`s Dad said...

i am very new to twitter!! Am i also eligible to join? if so i can register!!

By the way, is it just a TWITTER user alone gathering or their family included??

Thanks & All the best for your best efforts..

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

All twitter users are eligible to enter as long as they can make it to the event. As the ferry has limited capacity registrations, will have to close when filled up.

Twestival is exclusive for twitter users - whose names will be provided to the Port Qaboos authorities for entry. It is not a family event - hopefully we can hold a family gathering event some other time.

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Mars said...


I am hoping to joint this event, I already sign up the registration form and hoping to included in the list. I am not familiar at Port Qaboos, can I join someone going there?

here are my contact info

Twitteer: @orphicpixel

Rithu`s Dad said...

thanks for the clarifications.
i am there for the event & have registered already. Hoping to get the confirmation by email/phone.

In the meantime, Could you please let us know the directions & place to meet at the port!?

Thanks & Regards

Rithu`s Dad said...

Sorry to bother you!!

Are there any entry tickets & what are the cost part of it??


Rithu`s Dad said...
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Sangeetha Sridhar said...

All updates are provided on Twitter. Pl. logon to your twitter account & search for tweets with tag #OmanTwestival.

This is to encourage people to use twitter and contribute for the cause of education.

We will not be able to repost all those here.


Pesto Sauce said...

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I am an Indian based in Delhi