26 March 2010

1st OmanTwestival - Overwhelming Success (All photo video links)

1st OMAN Twestival - Held on the Arabian Sea - Along with over 200 cities worldwide on 25th March 2010
Few Records made
1. 1st Twestival for Oman
2. Only Twestival across 200 cities worldwide to celebrate it on the sea (not on land J
3. Largest Twestival poster measuring 10mt X 6mt
4. Event organised by voluntary team in flat 5days

Date - On the 25th March 2010 (http://muscat.twestival.com/)
Place -On board of 'Hormuz' ferry - World's fastest catamaran
Sponsors - National Ferries Company - OmanAir - Omantel - MENACOM / Wunderman - Microsoft
Photography - @Esskaywe (Sunil K Vaidya) @45vvA7h (Aswath Sridhar) @orphicpixel

Gifts Galore
2 X-box Game Consoles
8 USM Modems
2 Overhight Hotel stay vouchers for two
2 Dinner vouchers for two
50 Hayyak - Prepaid Connections
Picture Links

Full Album on Picasa (By Official Photographers Sunil K Vaidya & Aswath Sridhar) http://bit.ly/cvL2RE
Video & Photos by @KishorCariappa http://tinyurl.com/yz454ha
By @veekay53 Uploaded by @ladynamic http://bit.ly/9EaVB4
By @traiblazr http://bit.ly/9xiY98
By @orphicpixel http://bit.ly/d0Nqel
By @Esskaywe http://bit.ly/933BLj
By @hamidsofi http://bit.ly/aIKxmt
By @sanrachh http://bit.ly/9daTaH
By @makorani http://tinyurl.com/yfqs4ju
By @ragumuthu http://bit.ly/d2Gftn
By @Arun4 http://bit.ly/94CEmH

Live Video
By @Blue_Chi http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5700805
By @Blue_Chi http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5700860
By Aswath Sridhar (@45vvA7h) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5701753
By @KishorCariappa http://bit.ly/bnJcb4

Media coverage
Al Watan 28 Mar 2010
Zawya 28 Mar 2010 http://bit.ly/dyNDg3
Times Of Oman 27Mar 2010 http://tinyurl.com/ygwnht5
Oman Tribune 27 Mar 2010 Muscat Daily 27 Mar 2010
Gulf News 26Mar 201o http://tinyurl.com/ylp26zz

Blog Posts
Twestival Website http://bit.ly/buVvX0
By OrphicPixel http://bit.ly/a9Sarz
By OmanAir http://bit.ly/bhGfSZ
By KishorCariappa http://bit.ly/cmSOTc
By Shweta Ashar @Shweman http://bit.ly/ciMt2O
By Sunaina @asunaina http://bit.ly/cZSeoT
By Ahmed Al Shagra http://bit.ly/cSEr5j

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Thanks to the team, sponsors & the volunteers