09 June 2011

Music notes for Google Doodle - Play Guitar on your Keyboard - Les Paul's anniversary

Everyone can play guitar right from your keyboard at www.google.com today.

As @neerajsaxena tweeted: The whole world seems to be strumming today, thanks to the Doodle! Thank you Google for making my surroundings musical, no strings attached!

Here are a few songs for you to play:
- Go to www.google.com
- Click on small keyboard image till it shows in Red colour
- Now remember the tunes & adjust timings between the notes as given below

Via @saffrontrail From @wwtang Happy Birthday with #googledoodle guitar version: Play this '5565 887 5565 998 5550 8876 4408 998' I tried, it worked. Have fun!

Via @CruciFire From @vikas_m: DJDJDJDJDJDJ, GLGLGLGLGLGL, DJDJDJ KDK JDJ, GLG PGP LGL KFK and repeat. System of Down's Toxicity

From @MusicAloud varaveena (carnatic) without the gamakas. :)
335 5 658 8 98665 65332 35686 65332 33653 55321
333323535 5 33656 658 8 609988 686665 356865
653321 123 3 32532 12132121 1

From @SangitaSri Play DoReMi: - asdsdsd - sdffdsf - dfgdgdg - fghhgfh - gasdfgh - hsdfghj - jdfghjk - kjhgfds...
From @complicateur #googledoodle The opening line of Pani vizhum alone is possible: qqqqqqqq qert rtre
Via @keshav61 From @complicateur #googledoodle O Butterfly: Q W E WEW QWQ U QWQ WEW WETY YUUY YUUY YTY TRT R EW(together) RW ER(together)
Via @NameFieldmt From @krishnahok ASDDDDDDDDDDDSDF for the first line of India's national anthem Jana Gana Mana.

Via @mestrazulas From @rubbaan: Star Wars theme on #googledoodle - EEE Q T E Q T E UUU I YR T E

Via @neokenji01 From @ratm: (123 *press together*)x3 (678)x3 (123)x3 (678)x3 (123)x3 (678)x3 (123)x3 878783 - Killing In The Name intro

06 June 2011

Apple - Annual WWDC 2011 Summary

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer Conference WWDC 2011 on 6th June.
Steve Jobs presented 3major products: OS X (Lion) ---- iOS5 --- iCloud
Watch full video of the WWDC Keynote address via The Next Web.
A collection of highly relevant summary articles online from the best arouces is listed - they are better than me trying to sum up :-)

  1. Everything you need to know about the new iOS5

  2. OS X (Lion) for only $29 - Features

  3. Apple Moves The Digital Hub From The Mac To iCloud

  4. iOS 5: Tweet everywhere

  5. iCloud - mails, contacts, calendar, docs, iBooks, music, photographs