22 May 2012

Get to know a little more about me: Interview via twitter

Posting the link to an Interview by a Twitter friend: get to know a little more about me.

My twiiter handlename is @sangitaSri. Follow me there for tech, news, trivia, science and conversations.

ROBOT fish help cleaning pollution in harbours

Thanks to Spanish researchers, the autonomous SHOAL Robot fish swims the open waves of the port of Gijon to sense marine pollution.

Currently the port relies on divers to monitor water quality, which is a lengthy process costing €100,000 per year. The divers take water samples from hundreds of points in the port, then send them off for analysis, with the results taking weeks to return.

By contrast, the SHOAL robots would continuously monitor the water, letting the port respond immediately to the causes of pollution, such as a leaking boat or industrial spillage, and work to mitigate its effects

"With these fish we can find exactly what is causing the pollution and put a stop to it right away," explains Luke Speller, a scientist at the British technology firm BMT and the leader of SHOAL, a European project involving universities, businesses and the port of Gijon, which have joined forces to create the fish.

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Google does it again: Playable music synthesizer with records too

Google doodle on the 23rd May 2012, celebrates the 78th Birthday of Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog, founder of Moog Music, an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor synthesizer.

The doodle is fun to play with and also record your tunes. More about Bob Moog here. The "synth" has had a big role in creating a range of tones without which our music or background scores wouldn't have sounded so rich and almost magical in expressing emotions via music. Get to know more about this synthesizer.

Companies like Google raise-brows freaquently by harnessing human curiosity and innovation with freedom. Time we unleash this potential from our student as well as staff to see what magic they can create.

06 February 2012

Super Bowl and Social Media Statistics

A collection of useful statisitcs for analysis. Thanks to www.twitter.com/madversity for raising the question. Here is a compilation of links: