23 December 2015

Innovation 2015: Series

2015 the year that was!
Soon before 2016 is born, here is our stock-taking on innovations that changed / changing / going to change the way we live on this planet.
Each post shall focus on each different application of innovation.Do feel free to request for new areas that you to explore.

02 June 2015

GeoPortal from Ministryof Transport and Communications, Oman

The Geo Portal allows the visitors to get location, directions and measure distances over real-time overlay of e- maps and the officials can follow the workflow at seaports and airports.

 It was formally launched on 18th May 2015 by MoTC and can be accessed at URL - http://gis/motc.gov.om

The bi-lingual portal currently provides locational data and mapping tools for sea-ports only. It is based on ArcGIS platform ESRI to perform deep analysis based on data archives.

It provides the necessary tools to study data related to spacial dimension and its impact using e-maps (both layout and satellite views).

You can select any port through the list and the map zooms on to the exact location and shows detailed map in real-time. It also gives port related projects data, port data, achievements and documents feature but the data is not yet available.