29 November 2008

Bombay blasts - 2 Omani injured

Two Omani people - Sahil  Miran Al Zadjali aged 19 and Muneera Mohammed Al Raisi aged  35  were treated at the Saifee Hospital located in South Mumbai for light injuries. Source.

They have returned home in good health according to Oman News Agency reports today.

"Two Omanis lightly hurt

NEW DELHI — Shaikh Humaid bin Ali al Maani, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to India, has said that two Omani citizens were injured in Mumbai strikes and that the injured returned home, in good health. In a statement to Oman News Agency, Shaikh Humaid reaffirmed his keenness and that of all diplomats at the Oman embassy and consulate to continue to contact Omanis in India and lend assistance to them.— ONA"

Thanks God! Get well wishes from all us online.

25 November 2008

Techie’s holiday plan

Our techie’s holiday plan set in motion. We are overwhelmed in Information, tech gadget, cables and adapters Tsunami at home. I will leave Sulaiman to explain this infection and its side effects.

Here is a checklist of activities we at home have planned for the digital journey:

  • · Backup files, photos and movies in portable drive / DVD /CD as appropriate
  • · Pack charges, cables in zipper lock packs and label
  • · Clean format 2 desktop and 3 laptops
  • · Install all basic productivity, utility, anti-all and driver software
  • · Email / Deliver photos of events / friends as suitable and give them a courtesy call
  • · Prepare selected pictures and upload to Flickr – take time to browse contact’s streams and leave a comment
  • · Empty files from over a dozen CF / DS / Pro / Pro duo memory cards and number them sequentially
  • · Virus scan all external media and disinfect
  • · Label CD / DVD storage
  • · Make a database of over 800movies in DVDs and hard disks
  • · Revamp blog, refresh, categorise posts and link to more interesting blogs
  • · Charge camera batteries and phone spare batteries
  • · Clean camera equipment – lens, tripod
  • · Collect all chargeable batteries at home and charge them
  • · Make up your mind and discard myriads of cables, components, mouse, flash disk and keyboards that are erroneous
  • · If there is time to spare scan articles, photos, certificates and upload

As I type I am thinking – it is a plan for the weekend holidays or annual leave.....I wonder!

Lord give me the strength to pursue even the impossible.