15 August 2016

Management Lessons by 7 Questions

Management is a subject which has to be dealt with  answering seven questions. Why , what, when , where, who, whom and how.  Because every individual, every event, every institution, everyone, every location………. vary. One solution may not be enough for even the same problem in different locations / individuals / companies / situations/…….

Thus we have to do research for each situation for solving each problem, which obviously is difficult.  Many a times it is impossible also. Then the simple question comes in front of us ! How to solve a problem ? The answer is  to evaluate    such incidents or events , if , occurred anywhere. Take the messages from that and  solve the problem. Major tools for  the extrapolation or intrapolation in order to solve the problems can be derived from others’ experiences / guidance /messages/  truth and facts about the situations, events,  and so on.

The easiest method is just to remember a story  which gives a similar situation and solution for the problem arising under similar situations. Do addition, deletion, modification and correction and then adopt it to our problems  which need solution.

The puraanas 18 + 18  from our heritage literature are not histories (they may have  a bit history but not fully histories) , in fact, gives such a fine examples connected with bad people which they call asuraas and  rakshasaas, good people the good  kings and Rushies, People having many types of negatives and many types of positives in the mind. Just analyse for a few second / minute how they faced the situation when similar incidents took place. We will get some idea, which is the need for any solution of  problem. Ideas for solving the problems ! or ideas for thinking about a solution !

People having ego, anger, jealousy and so on,  on the one side and on the other  people having love, affection, devotion, sincerity and so on. Now analyse what, when, why, where, who, whom and how  each event (part of it also) happened and what was the conclusion.

Adopt the same or modified methods in our life too. Here comes the pathway for the solution from the puraanas. These books add a bit devotion, dedication and sincerity also i each story  to increase seriousness in the reading and learning them.

So take each story, analyse all the aspects and take the message for solving our problems, in our home or organisations.

Source: www.iish.org

05 August 2016

Pokėmon Go for Oman - A review

Caught in trendy Pokémon Go craze? I too was. Suddenly I scored more for my routine 10K per steps per day walks. Me and my son spent more time together and that too in my fav. parks of Muscat.

But I got out of it when my monthly mobile net pack finished in just over a week. My neck and shoulders starting hurting as I spent more hours looking down at my mobile screen.

Youths, both Omani and expatriate are addicted and some even have multiple accounts to cross several levels and hence worthy of cash-sale when the game is formally launched in Oman.

Pokémon density is higher in campuses and landmark area like parks and malls.
Driven by this craze, players are becoming more of a traffic hazard. They continue to search for Pokémon while driving and suddenly slow-down to throw their Pokéballs to catch them in sort of a trance stage. What a road hazard this is.

Often I find it tough to find parking space in poke stop which are next to shopping or restaurants. They are occupied for long by Pokémon lure-casters and other catchers.

There have been privacy violation lawsuits where Pokés-Stops in private real-estate, caused nuisance to owners. A few road-accidents have been reported due to Pokémon addicts’ reckless walks across traffic.

Even renowned sportsmen have admitted that this game is clear mind-control stuff and quit early. 

Despite the fact that it promotes outdoor movement, this Pokémon is another means of mobile addiction which may result in public nuisance of various degrees. How does it even bring people together if all of them are only staring at their mobile, instead of face-to-face conversations and cause pedestrian congestion in public spots?

I guess the local authorities will evaluate wisely and take appropriate actions about this game being launched in Oman.

29 May 2016

Mobile Apps in Government Sector - Oman - A Full List

If you live in Oman and you use a smart phone, the following apps are quite useful. Do install and share your experience. This can help to improve these apps.

Image Courtesy: http://hykano.com

The Full List

Click to download Apple / Android  / Windows / Blackberry Market by clicking on the relevant link. Kindly place the missing ones in the comment section. Thank you.

1. TourOman (National Center for Statistics and Information) #Tourism #Maps #GPS
    Apple     Android

2. Young Consumer (Public Authority for Consumer Protection) #Awareness #ConsumerRights
    Apple     Android

3. ROP App (Royal Oman Police)  #TrafficFines #ePayment
    Apple      Android

4. Oman Statistics (National Center for Statistics and Information) #Indicators #Statistics
    Apple     Android     Blackberry     Windows

5.  Mara Oman (Ministry of Endowment Religious Affairs) #Ramadan #PrayerTiming #Hajj #
    Apple     Android Also available iPad Ver

6.  MSM (Muscat Securities Market)  #MarketIndex #LiveTradeValue #Alerts
    Apple     Android

7. Na'mal (Ministry of Manpower) #Employment #Statistics #Vacancies #Application #StatusCheck
    Apple     Android

8. Religious Books (Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs)  #Islam #Books #eRead
    Apple     Android

9.  Invest Easy (aka One Stop Shop - Ministry of Commerce and Industry) #Application #StatusCheck
   Apple      Android

10. Office of Public Prosecution  #Legal #Law #Legislation
   Apple     Android

11. Environment (Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs) #Environment #Laws #Licenses #ProtectedAreas #Maps

12.  SAI App (State Audit Institution) #News #Laws #Complaints
  Apple     Android

13. Weather Oman (Public Authority for Civil Aviation) #Metrology #weather #maps

14. Electricity App (Oman Electricity Holding Company) #Bills #ePayment #Alerts #Rates #
    Apple     Android

15. Charity Donation (Oman Donations Portal) #CharityOrganisations #ePayment #CharitableCauses
    Apple     Android

16. Geospatial Statistics Oman (National Center for Statistics and Information) #Indicators #Maps #GeoSpatialData
    Apple      Android

17. Transport GeoPortal (Ministry of Transport and Communications) #Maps #Routes #Transport #ProjectData

18. Health App (Ministry of Health) #Alerts #Reports #Statistics #Appointments #Reminders #Events
  Apple      Android

19. Consumer Guide (Public Authority for Consumer Protection) #Laws #Legislation #ConsumerRights #Awarenss #Alerts #Recalls
   Apple     Android

20. Education App (Ministry of Education) #Connect #Resources #Attendance #Timetable

21. Taxi App (Ministry of Transport and Communication) #List #Booking #Rates #Discounts #Training #Insurance
   Apple      Android

22. Oman Airports (Oman Airports Management Company) #Flights #Airports #Schedules
   Apple      Android


Discussing the role the 'policy-first' with experts from the World Bank


Green Computing

Great moments of winning Green Habitat Award for the Information Technology of Oman in its handling of Carbon footprint management.

28 May 2016

Speaking on E-Waste Challenge and Management

 Spoke at the 2nd Waste Management and Recycling:

Covered Topics

Electronic Waste (eWaste) - Current Status in Statistics
ICT and the challenges
eWaste flow in a global context
Carbon Foot print
Green Computing
Complexity of disposing computing equipment
Laws and legislations concerning eWaste disposal in Oman
Stakeholders in eWaste Management
Best practices around the world
UN Initiatives
Future predictions