16 March 2010

TWESTIVAL - a global festival synchronized Offline

Twestival 2010 rallies for social cause of "Education”

On March 25, 2010, in more than 175 cities around the world, thousands of people will demonstrate social media's power for social good through the second annual Twestival.

Organizing online and gathering offline allows Twestival to harness the incredible communication power of Twitter to propel participation in real events around the world.

- Amanda Rose, Founder of Twestival

About Twestival

A Twestival is a community gathering of the members of the twitter community – an event held on the same day of the year across several cities of the world. Well beyond a gathering, this global event generates funds through voluntary contributions for a common social cause. This post has drawn more inputs from the twestival website at www.twestival.com and wish to attribute credits here.

Harnessing Synergic Strength

Twitter community of various cities around the world have signed up to host a ‘Twestival’ in their respective locales, in real life to rally around for the cause of Education by hosting local events to have fun and create awareness.

Every single tweet (a post on twitter under 140 characters length) has a purpose and when torrents of tweets by several users join hands to strengthen social media for a social cause – 2010 being for education. It is about the social networking community connecting by little tweets connecting and working together to a difference to the lives several unfortunate communities around the world.

Concern Worldwide

All proceeds generated from the 2010 Twestival will support education and be donated to Concern Worldwide, a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization that since 1968 has dedicated itself to reducing suffering and eliminating poverty.

“An estimated 72 million children worldwide are not enrolled in school,” said Tom Arnold, CEO of Concern Worldwide. “Concern is committed to reaching those left behind, giving them access to learning and the chance to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Twestival Global is revolutionizing the way concerned citizens all over the world connect to benefit the poorest among us. We are thrilled to have been chosen, and we’re rolling up our sleeves to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.”

Logistics of event

Free volunteering champions from cities that have signing up for twestival, invest their energies and efforts to rope in other community members to organize a gala night offline. When open invites are posted online attendees willingly sign up to attend an event in their neighbourhood and also offer their services & expertise voluntarily.

Twestival 2009 for 'Water'

The first global Twestival was held on 12th February 2009 across over 202 cities with the cause of providing clean water. It managed to raise over US$ 250K for ‘Charity – Water’ to provide more than 55 wells in Uganda, Ethiopia and India having a direct impact for over 17,000 people. Watch the videos of the first Twestival well drilled in the village of Mai Nabri, Ethiopia. Visit http://www.charitywater.org/twestival/to see how the funds were utilized for the needy.

Twestival 2010 for 'Education'

In 2010, the twestival supports ‘Concern’ - a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization that reaches to out-of-school children such as girls, orphans, street children, working children, children affected by conflict, children affected by HIV and AIDS, and children with disabilities.

Concern’s education programs currently reach over 700,000 people in 25 countries across the regions of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Readers can follow @concern on Twitter to get a glimpse of their staff tweeting from around the world.

Support Unlimited

Organisers of the Twestival are provided with multimedia and other branded promotional material for free download and use in the awareness sessions. In addition Citrix Inc. has offered their web conferencing software – GoToMeeting, to facilitate organizers to hold online meetings.

Education is a global issue and by giving our support to a nearby Twestival or by checking www.twestival.com to see how to get involved.

PayPal the official global sponsor for Twestival has waived processing fees for ‘Concern Worldwide’ for the duration of Twestival.

Twestival extends its online reach with TwestivalFM, allowing high-profile artists and musicians around the world to donate their songs to download for donations.

eBay supports Twestival, by hosting ‘Auction140’, a global online auction of celebrity-donated items and experiences on eBay that will feature a live Twitter stream for the first time.

An iPhone application for live donations and results widgets will enable real-time donations at local events. Twestival also has partnered with Ustream to live stream the day’s events, starting in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii.

Dubai Twestival

Our nearest neighbor Dubai is holding Twestival for the 2nd time this year with abundant support from both corporate and individuals who are striving to make it a grand success. Follow up details and register to attend this DubaiTwestival on the 25th March 2010 by registering at www.dubai.twestival.com.

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