31 January 2009

National Ferries Company Website Up

The National Ferries Company Website has an update at http://www.nfcoman.com/.

Although the website seems to be currently under construction, the temporary homepage gives essential contact, schedules and tariff information. I notice a small concession for Khasab-residents one-way fare. Interesting!

They have a toll free number 800 72000 and email contact reservation@nfcoman.com which I remember being published in various media earlier.

We might have to wait a while to book online, but I found the folks very supportive and informative on my direct interactions for a sun-set cruise. Thanks.

29 January 2009

WWW.BrandOman Website Homepage Up!

Yes! www.brandoman.om is up and running.

Currently it seems to be the curtain raiser home page for the full website that is to come. Never the less the official info. describing the logo is available both in English and Arabic. A mailing list is open for email registration of updates. 

Two press items are available for download:

  1. Text of HH. Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said's (CEO of Oman Brand Management Unit - OBMG) speech available for download. 
  2. Another pdf titled 'Oman Launches New Brand Mark' gives a well expresses the rationale behind the development of the national brand. 

Text of the Confirmation email upon registration:

Dear Sangeetha

Thank you very much for registering with the Oman Brand Management Unit website.

As we begin the work of branding Oman, we must draw on the common spirit that brought us together for the launch of the brand mark at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel on Sunday 25 January. Indeed, we're counting on your continued support to take Oman on and up.

Over the coming weeks we will be posting news on 
brandoman.om about how we intend to take Oman forward and how you can play your part in this exciting initiative.

Given the current global economic climate, we face many challenges. However, we face them as one nation and as we have seen before, there are no limits to what Oman can achieve when we stand together.

Join us on our journey.

Thank you for all your support.

With best regards
Faisal bin Turki Al Said
Oman Brand Management Unit

25 January 2009

Brand Oman Launched - Update!

What is your view about this New Brand Oman Logo?

Hints about the Logo from my tablemate who had an exclusive media preview:
  • The symbol incorporates the name Oman, calligraphically rendered in Arabic

  • The extreme right arc symbolises the 'ship' befitting maritime glory of Oman

  • The center arc denotes the silhouette of the majestic 'mountains' of Oman

  • The bottom arc depicts the rich 'marine environment' of Oman

  • The left extreme curly arc represents the smoke of Omani 'frankincense'

  • Branding excercise undertaken by Landor Associates.
Official Explanation for the Logo from OBMU:
" Taking its inspiration from the wonderful diversity that is Oman –amongst other things, Arabic calligraphy, our marine environment and magnificent landscape, local textiles, Oman’s historic leadership in trade and pioneering role in exploration and of course, frankincense, which has been at the core of our culture and economy for generations. Expertly crafted, the brand mark draws on a rich and vibrant colour palette which reflects Oman’s natural bounty.

More specifically, and looking at the brand from right to left, the first colour, dawn purple, represents the dhow; Musandum aquamarine green is inspired by Oman’s rich marine environment and the turtle in particular; sky blue is taken from the silhouettes of the mountains; and the Salalah green is the essence of frankincense.

The four part of the brand mark were drawn in an organic fashion to demonstrate continuous natural growth. The typography in both Arabic and English were designed in a contemporary manner using soft cornered San Serif, creating a contrast with the symbol and providing a firm base beneath it. This contrast is intended to project an image of strength, continuous growth and a solid link with Oman’s rich history”. – HH Highness Sayyid faisal Al Said (Times of oman).

Just back from the launch event (logo launched by HH Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said - who said 'the lauch of the Logo is just the beginning of this very important task') and here is a Picstory of the launch....

Once at the Majan Ballroom (Al Bustan) entrance, one could guess the colours have something with the Logo theme...and so did the entire lighting inside the hall...

Walk through a green laser light curtain to wait for a while and network, still similar colours in the ambience...

A very crisp welcome note, a short piece of entertainment (Ribbon dance performance) and then OBMU CEO (HH Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said) delivers his speech on the need for branding, strategic approach towards branding Oman, salient values reflected to build the country's brand (read his earlier interview about the new brand here)...

A short visual shows highlights of Oman - from landscape, heritage, bio-diversity, marine life, etc.

Then the Logo sketch emerges as outline...slowly the colours fill in...

Here is the New Brand Oman Logo - English

Here is the New Brand Oman Logo - Arabic

Dinner is served as The Royal Symphony Orchestra begins to play - Starts with Titanic theme music....

Views and reviews exchanged around the table (seated at the same table with Rajiv)

Branding begins -----The dessert plate...

The performers bid farewell... (Gift bag was short of stock - missed the logo literature inside)

Aftert thought!

If this logo is the basis for the nation's identity, I wonder how the other sector would base their logo on this one?

For example, run your thoughts on how Oman's brand-focus sectors - Tourism, Business, Education, and ICT sectors would face this logo challenge?