05 August 2016

Pokėmon Go for Oman - A review

Caught in trendy Pokémon Go craze? I too was. Suddenly I scored more for my routine 10K per steps per day walks. Me and my son spent more time together and that too in my fav. parks of Muscat.

But I got out of it when my monthly mobile net pack finished in just over a week. My neck and shoulders starting hurting as I spent more hours looking down at my mobile screen.

Youths, both Omani and expatriate are addicted and some even have multiple accounts to cross several levels and hence worthy of cash-sale when the game is formally launched in Oman.

Pokémon density is higher in campuses and landmark area like parks and malls.
Driven by this craze, players are becoming more of a traffic hazard. They continue to search for Pokémon while driving and suddenly slow-down to throw their Pokéballs to catch them in sort of a trance stage. What a road hazard this is.

Often I find it tough to find parking space in poke stop which are next to shopping or restaurants. They are occupied for long by Pokémon lure-casters and other catchers.

There have been privacy violation lawsuits where Pokés-Stops in private real-estate, caused nuisance to owners. A few road-accidents have been reported due to Pokémon addicts’ reckless walks across traffic.

Even renowned sportsmen have admitted that this game is clear mind-control stuff and quit early. 

Despite the fact that it promotes outdoor movement, this Pokémon is another means of mobile addiction which may result in public nuisance of various degrees. How does it even bring people together if all of them are only staring at their mobile, instead of face-to-face conversations and cause pedestrian congestion in public spots?

I guess the local authorities will evaluate wisely and take appropriate actions about this game being launched in Oman.

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