06 February 2009

Design of Oman's Airports of the Future

Here is a preview of Oman’s Airports of the future designs as published by COWI - a leading northern European consulting group.

Muscat International Airport can be expanded to accommodate 48 million passengers annually.

Both Muscat and Salalah International Airports will be built with landing facilities that can handle the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airplane.

Designers have made sure the airports have room to accommodate the large welcoming parties common in Oman.

The detailed design studies include a high-tech automated baggage system.

The airports’ exteriors are inspired by traditional Omani architecture, but inside, the architecture reflects contemporary trends.

Automated walkways whisk passengers to their gate at Muscat International Airport.


Lost in thought said...

Shouldn't the work on the airport be on its way already ? I haven't seen much changes to the front !

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

I sincerely don't have nay idea. Hope someone would post on this.

muscati said...

Work on the airport has been split into phases. The first phase of course was the design which was done by the Cowi-Larsen joint venture. Then came the site preparation work which Galfar has been working on for two years which I am sure you've all seen because of the mountains of dirt which have been piled all around the airport grounds. They have been bringing in thousands of truck loads of dirt from other locations, dumping and leveling it at the airport site. After Gonu the water level has risen and significant de-watering will also be undertaken on the site as well. Another contract awarded last year to Desert Line is for the construction of the roads into and out of the new airport site.

Then comes the construction. Just last week the tender board opened up the bids for the first construction contract for the airport. The Galfar and Larsen & Toubro consortium was the lowest bidder at RO. 473 million (36 million rials lower than the next lowest bidder and 103 million rials lower than the highest bidder!!!). This contract is for the runway, taxiways, aprons, and utility buildings in the new airport. Next up will be the contracts for the actual aiport terminal building, air traffic control tower and other buildings.

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Trust me! I just was expecting such an informative from you.

Thanks Muscati.

Lost in thought said...

That's a lot of work !
So they will finish the whole project by 2011 ? Or just Phase 1 ?
For some reason I find construction in Oman very slow !!
And that road by desert line is the worst designed road Ever !!