31 January 2009

National Ferries Company Website Up

The National Ferries Company Website has an update at http://www.nfcoman.com/.

Although the website seems to be currently under construction, the temporary homepage gives essential contact, schedules and tariff information. I notice a small concession for Khasab-residents one-way fare. Interesting!

They have a toll free number 800 72000 and email contact reservation@nfcoman.com which I remember being published in various media earlier.

We might have to wait a while to book online, but I found the folks very supportive and informative on my direct interactions for a sun-set cruise. Thanks.


Lost in thought said...

If I'm not wrong, Muscati blogged about someone's experience with them being really crappy.


I guess we need to write all the complains on his blog. LoL

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

LiT - Tks. I'm a regular reader of Muscati's posts. Indeed after reading his post, when I came across this news, made my post based on the website and its contents.

Only wish they had realised the power of the Internet and did what they did well before, when Gary needed to reach them. Now his post stays!

Personally, I too am waiting to load the 4WD in to the ferry for a ride to Musandum just like we enjoyed visiting Masirah Islands.

We even had an official Ramadhan iftar party in this cruise and very much enjoyed the hospitality. So satisfaction as well as complaints can go in all places. Tks.

muscati said...

It doesn't even show up on Google when you search, even if you search for National Ferries Company Oman.

They should have come up with a better URL, maybe OmanFerry.com, OmanFerries.com or FerryOman.com

Kishor Cariappa said...

Agree with Muscati... www.nfcoman.com sounds good for a chemical unit, not for a company which owns world's fastest diesel-powered ferry.

Anonymous said...

On the freebie Ramadhan Cruise – wasn’t it strange that the Oman National Ferry Company did not have a single Omani working on that Ferry! It should have been renamed the East European and Philipino and Australian National Ferries.
However, their lack of effectiveness is exemplified by the abysmal stall they have in Muscat Festival.
It opened 10 days after the festival started – and despite all the time taken looks as if it were put together by amateurs.
They even managed to miss spell the company name – in both Arabic and English – very even handed.
While ‘construction’ team may well have done the job they were paid for – how on earth did the object get approved by the owner’s managers’ .
It’s in an extraordinary prominent position and yet manages to give out all the wrong signals.

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Muscati - Agreed it doesn't pop-up in Google, could be because it is newly launched and search engine optimisation is something they have to think about. Again useful names for the domain from the user's point of view. All they need is to simply register them and redirect here (well before any Cyber Squatter does - Why didn't they think of www.omanferry.om I wonder too).

Kishore - Established organisation can rely on their abbreviations like the KFC, BP (British Petroleum before and Beyond Petroleum. So NFC may be too early, agree.

OmanV - On our Ramadhan cruise we had a wonderful Omani hospitality with expertly trained staff, but may be the hosting crew changes from time to time. Where is their stand located (MCT festival)?

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

OmanVirtually has evidence here http://omanvirtually.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/276/

Jay said...

It must be really fun to travel in fastest Catamaran...Marine Tourism will become the main activity on Muscat Port after 2-3 years...Hope Marketing the services improves..b'cos currently National Ferries is not doing much to promote their services...

A Hovercraft service would be interesting...imagine travelling from Muscat to Sohar in just 60 min. or from Muscat to Barka in 30 min..