17 November 2008

Branding of the letter 'e'

This post is a wider relfection on the Kishor's blog post and related comments. Here is one of the approches towards the concept of 'e' for example as in the eOman logo.
When we mooted what the 'e' eOman must be received as, I had presented a list of words that it could mean.

Here let me list those:

  • Easy
  • Electronic
  • Everyone
  • Enable
  • Enhance
  • Enrich
  • Empower
----Most of above selected words can be found the in the vision statement of ITA coined by me.

"eOman initiative embodies the vision of ITA is to transform the Sultanate of Oman into a sustainable Knowledge Society by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies to enhance government services, enrich businesses and empower individuals. "

The rest of the options in the list I had compiled for selction of key words based on 'e' are as follows: They are meant to evoke these emotional flavours through a range advert campaigns over time.
  • Efficient (process and resource utilisation and service delivery)
  • Effective (-do-)
  • Energitic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Equality (free info accces to all)
  • Endeavour
  • Entertain (training and education through multimedia)
  • Enjoyable
  • Enticing
  • Enlighten (about the potentials and challenges of IT)
  • Ectasic
  • Experience (user involvement - feedback, surveys etc. )
  • Engaging (-do- )
  • Expertise
  • Enthral (user experience)
  • Exemplarary (IT support services and project management practices)
  • Excellence (-do-)
  • Evangelise (IT ofcourse)
  • Enduring (sustainability was used instead)
  • Entreperneurial (for ICT incubators)

    A simple 'e' can mean so very much and thanks Kishor for sparking the thought for this post.


devganga said...

Kishor has no "e"

Kishor Cariappa said...

One ‘e’ can change your life ;)

Blue_Chi said...

This is a nice insight as to what the 'e' means in 'eOman'. I mostly associate it with 'Empower' as it is the term is used in the initiative's slogan.

Any idea behind the branding agency behind this logo, or was it made in house?

Sangeetha Sridhar said...
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Sangeetha Sridhar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Dev: Thanks for the visit and the comment! Post corrected.

Kishor: Apologies for that change....The question haunting me is which 'e'?

Blue_Chi - Branding agency has no documents to record the philosophy as I mentioned I have provided the context for further use and the concept was conceived in-house and enhanced with collaborative inputs.

Sulaiman Al Rawahi said...

Thanks for this explanation. It shows your enthusiasm to transform Oman and empower US.

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Thanks for the comment and the encouraging words.