09 May 2011

What is your online personality?

Users are getting the hang of being on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut, Friendstr, Hubbo, etc. It is time we mature from treating these as public chat forums to one more meaningful and worthy of belonging to by our valuable presence.

Here are certain roles that one can take for an online Avatar, to add value to the exploding online proliferation and populace. Each role highlights a specific focus of purpose and some of these can be combined in varying ratios to suit one’s preference.

Grooming one’s online personality also creates clear personal brand values and established you presence as a domain champion much sought after online. Over time period, these skills acquired may also lead to lucrative business prospects or even job offers.

A. Authentic news source
This personality is well read and keeps live track of events happening around in one specific domain or in an overall manner. Sources have to authentic and personal reflections and viewpoints may induce interactivity within your network.

B. Local expert
Almost anyone can be a local expert for if they have lived there for a while. Information shared by such experts may range from news about local events, useful contact leads, shopping venues and offers, food / restaurant recommendations, etc.

C. Role model
This character cannot be defined clearly but it is a personality which most readers or users look forward to emulate. Success of these role models may come from the mature opinions they share to the comfort they bring about through their discussions and the inspiration and support they give to others.

D. Motivator or mentor
Such people normally share lot of motivational quotations and inspirational news. They are instant source of positive energy and a must in everyone’s online networking contacts basket.

E. Technical or social help desk

Most often well-versed user of products or gadgets and professional in technical fields play this role well. They are often up-to-date about technology products and by experience they could also help I troubleshooting technical problems for others.

F. Community welfare
Social consciousness is a must in every human being but some are more inclined to be vociferous about such social initiatives and news. They are happy and caring souls who rope-in support for fund-raiser or awareness campaigns for social causes.

G. Social media coach
This character is an experienced user of the social media platform not just in a technical sense but also in the sense of understanding the dynamics of users and content and viral marketing that goes on here. Most often they are compassionate people to network with and learn to rope in your social media strategy.

H. Lifestyle Guru
Anyone indulging in the finesse of life with a taste can become a lifestyle guru online. With news about latest fashions, trends, promotions and teaser campaigns, they entice the user to become a compulsive shopper. Unlike marketing media, these people are genuine and can make personalized recommendation and so they are better received in public.

On the whole life is an experience and each one of us sees only a facet of it in prismatic vision. So being one’s true self in good etiquette is the secret mantra of successful online presence. Making oneself useful either in real world or online is by connecting with others and sharing your insights. So choose your online personality accordingly and create a valuable presence.

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