16 May 2010

Social media maturity makes more sense now than ever

Any technology that facilitates networking and communications in a cost-effective manner is well poised for success. This has been proved in the case of social media such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

But what exactly happens after you claim your space in the social media varies largely. For example, you create your account and find your network of friends who are on the same platform be it Facebook or Twitter. And then depending on the intensity of activity, the quantum of information and interactions fill the digital space.

Now this article is about what exactly happens right after this. How strong is this network, how it sustain mutual interests, how it continues to enrich the once empty platform attracting new and existing members.

Zooming on to one platform in the micro-blogging arena, let us consider twitter for example. The reason for choosing twitter is that it is limited in scope, functionality and resource requirements far less than other platforms. Even common mobile applications on non-Smartphone are capable of handling the 140 character text features of Twitter.

Moving on to the social interactions that take place within this platform, twitter users post small text messages to the maximum size of 140 chars which can be read by his network of followers. Interestingly within these 140 characters there can be web links embedded. Now this enables web-articles, blog-posts, Youtube videos and even pictures from photo-archives to be pointed to via a tweet post through URL links.

Twitter users vary in using the platform as a public chat-medium, treating it as their cryptic diary and logging in their experiences and opinions. Due to real-time nature of the medium, sometime these users turn out to be citizen journalists if they happen to be amidst the thick of happening.

Twitter giants or the so called power-users with a large number of followers have been able to sustain the interests of the followers by specializing their tweet posts with interesting content. Such content may range from news-worthy leads, motivating quotes, creative micro-poetry like the Haiku, how-to-do techniques, sports commentaries, funny one-liners, etc.

It is not just a place for content seekers and providers, but also a place for creative people who are looking for their own first audience. Graphic and multimedia artists, creative poets and writers are able to inform their network of friends about their latest creative endeavours. It is also possible how their creativity receives candid responses and sometimes professionals in specific fields offer tips to enhance design or storyline or blog-post.

From experience in interacting with younger age group users as well as accomplished professionals, it is a personal experience to come across amateur art-works and hobby compositions for review. It is indeed a wide spectrum of art and creativity that gets nourished by the presence of a group of followers one networks mostly online.

Few successful leads identified as potential works are being spotted by talent-hunters and from then the scope of real-world interactions and professional opportunities expand from then on.

A few things you can utilise Twitter for:
· Get early updates on news
· Be informed about events and programs
· Get to discuss with professionals and celebrities
· Organise real life events for networking
· Get product or service recommendations
· Get better customer service from brands online
· Exchange personalised review of books, movies, music, etc
· Network with professional groups with common areas of interest
· Submit your art work, poetry, website, website, blog post, article for review
· Organise campaigns for charitable or social causes
· Learn and practice vocabulary in a new language
· Get ideas for marketing online through power users
· Can generate sales-leads and improve brand image
· Any many more.

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