07 March 2010

Global Fusion Music Concert - A class apart

A scintillating muscial concert, the "Global Fusion" was hosted in Muscat by Sarasin Alpen & Alpen Capital on the 4th March 2010 at the Barr Al Jissa Resort & Spa, Muscat.

An impressive evening of music medley – with an exotic combo of Indian, Iranian and American flavours unfurled uniquely enthralling the audience. For someone drenched into technology all through, this concert was indeed a transcending experience of human skill and creativity.
Lead by renowned George Brookes and accompanied by gifted dancer Isha Sharvani, legnedary artists kept the audience mesmerized in trance with their foot tapping music:
  • Vikku Vinayakram (India)
  • Hilal AL Bulushi (Oman)
  • Zoldan Lantose (Hungary)
  • Steve Smith (US)
  • Niladari Kumar (India)
  • Larry Coryell (US)
  • Sivamani (India)
  • Ensemble Shanbehzadeh (Iran)
  • Kai Eckhandt
String instruments like violin, guitar and the zitar blended smoothly with wind instruments such as the bag piper and saxaphone, striking chord to the lighting rthyms of drums and a range of other percussion instruments.

Throughout the show the hospitality and the natural ambience exposed and altogether dimension of events that were ever held in Muscat. Kudos to the entire team, that strived to reach this level of professional execution of this musical concert for their privileged customers and patrons.
Global Fusion 2010 has set a mark par excellence in musical concerts here in Oman. My special mention of thanks to Mr. Atul Rao, Ms. Shivani and Ms. Afreen.


Oman's Collective Intelligence said...

Looks like i missed a good concert!

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

BET you did OC! I too almost missed this exclusive event for Sarasin Aplen clients and patrons.

But thanks to a few angels mentioned above I could make it. This blog is just a tribute ... video on Youtube soon.

Tks for dropping a line :)