16 January 2009

Technology Outlook for 2009 – Gaming gets realistic

The consumer electronic industry currently dominated by entertainment devices will consider the gaming sector more seriously as revenues from this sector continue to soar. The games are also getting more artificially intelligent in adapting to the players styles and renew their scene / character rendering.

Some titles from the gaming consoles can tests waters in the mobile games. A Wii-mote can certainly make a living room livelier than the dismal stock market update telecasts. Games will be gorier and sublimely horror-packed deep game play for serious impact, challenging the current rating systems.

Casual gamers will face serious budget cuts and this will affect the market sales. But this can be compensated by ad-sponsoring (watch the Mountain Dew Halo 3 game fuel advert) for games and in-game advertising (Mazda RX-8 launch in Sony's Gran Turismo 3 and Frito-Lay ads in Nintendo games).

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