06 January 2009

Technology highlights of 2008 - Chrome the newbie

Chrome was releases by Google not just as a web browser but a modern platform for web pages and applications. With web browsers serving more purposes like chatting, emailing, searching, reading, shopping, banking and social networking than just web browsing, Chrome with its clean-start-focus gained easy adoption. It is only a matter of time to fix the glitches and add the features and this happens rapidly in a open-source environment.

With people spending more and more time online in a web browser, and doing all sort of things, Chrome in its development starting from the basic of new world requirements is certainly fast. Even the scripts in web pages are enhanced by the new JavaScript Engine resulting in faster responses. Chrome as an open source project, has used components from Apple’s Webkit and Mozilla’s Firefox to drive speed. You can download this free browser at http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en


Bobby said...

Google Chrome...umm..frankly, I never expected it to be so simple looking yet complicated - I have yet to check on the updates, I somehow lean towards firefox for speed and opera for security!

what do you say?

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Everyone has their preferences. Fire's my personal first choice with IE closeby. Chrome is cool but yet to gain my complete trust in terms of security and glitch-free performance.

Glad to have u back online Bobby --- after a while should I add. Where r the great click?