13 November 2008

Free time travel to eternal Rome - 3000yrs

Ancient Rome has been reconstructed in his historical period to be viewable in Google Earth. Google's blog says the model contains more than 6,700 buildings and it is truly worth your virtual visit. Interesting information about each landmark can be read from small panels that pop-out in more than 250 place marks linking to key sites.

Before my visit to Rome, I had scoured the net for several days to compile my itinerary and prepared a 3days crash guide. At this point I had used Google Earth and Google Map for locating placed in the proximity and calculate distances so that I can estimate how long it would take to travel to the spot if it can be done by a brisk walk (which is finally how I covered more than I had planned).

My experience in the Time Elevator Ride (3D and Simulator ride costing about ) in a theatre near Trevi Fountain was simply awesome as it took us almost 3000yrs back. This 45 minutes show runs with a commentary available in six languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Russian. But pre-booking is strongly recommended.

My experience in using technology for travel plan, expanded in to a series of articles published in my column. Let me try to locate it and post it here later. I am going to Rome again through virtual time travel. Download your Google Earth (if not done before) at http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html

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